friendly reminder to come hit me up over at by new blog and i’ll give you friendship

hey friends it’s elena here

i know it’s been almost a whole year, but i have a new tumblr here that I just set up (like moments ago)

so follow me there if you want a continuation of what used to be here, but with more marvel ladies

hope to see you xx

i love you elena i hope this makes you happier and if you dont keep talking to me i swear to god i will track you down

dont you dare stop talking to me either xo

read this if you like but i don’t really care if you dont. basically i’m leaving and this is an explanation.

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courf winning marius a huge teddy bear at a fair and trying not to make a big deal about it until marius fists a hand in his shirt and presses a sticky candyfloss-flavoured kiss to his mouth hell yea h

nagisae said:
your blog reminds me of pandas and pretty things

im scream <333


i’m still just

so fucking bitter about boyd

like no matter how much time passes his death was still one of the absolutely most pointless fucking deaths i’ve seen in any tv show in my LIFE.

what. was. the point.

katnissjohannaa-deactivated2013 said:
ships that erase someone's sexuality are gross and the people who ship them are gross and i hate them because we have so little queer characters and its like you are so hungry for hetero you have to take away a person's sexuality ew.

hashtag truth

F A M I L Y   D U T Y   H O N O R

i want 2 argue with someone but the enjonine tag is full of gross photosets and not people backing up their shitty ship

oephelia said:
real life les mis fandom!allison argent, because you're cute as fri ck and super sweet and pretty but you don't take any fandom grossness and you're super badass when shit goes down ok <3

ygraine i love you come here frick<333